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Category Archives: Rahm puns

 In addition to publishing this picture of Rahm Emanuel reaching out to shake the hand of a woman who looks rather wary of shaking his, New York Magazine‘s recent article “The Rahmfather Makes an Offer Chicagoans Can’t Refuse” mentions no less than three plays on the former US Chief of Staff’s first name. But why just let New York Magazine (and every major news publication) have all the fun? So here’s our list of Rahm puns/names that we’ve collected and some we’ve come up with.

From the News:
The Rahmfather, Battering Rahm, Rahmbo

From Weigel, a Slate blog:

Rahmadan: The 24 days between Richard Daley’s announcement that he would retire and Emanuel’s announcement that he would run to replace him, during which time the Washington press corps fasted. (Alternate spelling: Rahmadone.)

Rahm Kippur: Friday, October 1: The day Rahm will leave his post as White House chief of staff.

Rahm Sunday: The day that Rahm returns to Chicago.

Thanks to Felicia Sonmez, Rachel Balsham and Jeffrey Mervosh for the puns.”

From us:
The Rahmper Room: The news and talk show CNN will create if Rahm is not elected Mayor. He’s already quit his White House job… What else is he gonna do?

The Rahmaround: If Rahm is elected mayor, any efforts he makes that are perceived as attempts to delay direct action will be referred to as such.

We’ll be adding to this list as we come up with more puns. Feel free to send us your suggestions!

By the way, if you don’t get a chance to read the New York Magazine article, the last line is worth noting: “Emanuel seems genuinely touched. ‘Got off a goddamn bus to shake my hand,’ he says. ‘Isn’t that weird?'”


Okay, so it wasn’t a very good pun… But seriously reports are looking like former U.S. Senator Braun may be emerging as the other major contender for Chicago Mayor. At the very least, she’s stirring things up by hiring two “potentially controversial” political consultants to help out on her campaign. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Braun’s choice to call on Victor Reyes–Daley’s former political enforcer and co-founder of the scandalized Hispanic Democratic Organization–and Mike Noonan–a former House Speaker Michael Madigan political aide–“could allow Braun to climb into the top tier of mayoral candidates.” It’s a risky move, hiring two consultants who may leave a bad taste in the mouths of many voters, but when it all shakes out, both Reyes and Noonan have winning track records and connections to critical communities.