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 The Sun-Times reported yesterday that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart will not be running for mayor of Chicago. That leaves Rahm Emanuel as the even-clearer frontrunner in this race. So now what? The Sun-Times article mentions Carol Moseley Braun and Gery Chico as “other contenders,” but Emanuel is still leaps and bounds ahead of those two, as far as name recognition and support. Alas, is it too early to make a prediction? Probably. But right now, it’s looking like a steeper and steeper hill those “other candidates” are going to have to climb to be considered “real contenders” in the mayoral race.

But who knows? Maybe a candidate will appear from out of the blue, and Chicagoans will no longer be subject to the seemingly endless array of puns (The Rahmfather, Battering Rahm, among others) our newspapers are trying to convince us are clever… But with the November 22nd deadline quickly approaching, it’s looking more and more like a Rahm vs Some Other People race.


Associated Press says Congressman Mike Quigley has decided not to run for mayor of Chicago. That makes two Congressmen who have decided not to run (last week was Rep. Luis Gutierrez). Quigley took Rahm Emanuel’s seat in Congress when Emanuel signed on as Obama’s Chief of Staff. Quigley has not yet officially stated who he’s supporting in the mayoral race.

Representative Luis Gutierrez says he will not run for Chicago mayor. Instead, he will stay in Congress “to lead the fight for immigration reform.” Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times wrote about Gutierrez’s statement. You can see what she wrote, as well as Gutierrez’s prepared remarks here.