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If you Google the name Garrison Medill, the first page of results will
turn you to multiple web addresses, including Medill’s personal blog,
his campaign website, and his Wikipedia page.

Wait, don’t know who I’m talking about?

That seems to be the general case when it comes to Garrison “Gary”
Medill, the newest candidate for the position of mayor for Chicago,
who seemingly popped up out of nowhere. According to his personal
pages, Garrison has been a part of the Chicago community all of his
life, and for the past five years has served as a private political
consultant. However, a closer look at him may reveal more. At the top
of his Wikipedia page is a warning for readers that his information
may or may not be deleted, as it does not follow Wikipedia’s Personal
Biography Policies. Perhaps this is a simple error on a public space,
but there are more signs that people should be wary about this new
player in the race. Looking at major websites listing political
candidates for mayor, Medill is nowhere to be found. In fact, the only
person backing Medill up seems to be himself. Is this a sign that not
all is right with Medill, or that he is simply inexperienced at
campaigning? It is still early in the race, though. Perhaps this is
just a start to his campaign. One thing is for certain, though:
Garrison Medill is someone to keep a close eye on.


One Comment

  1. Go to this guy’s website! Apparently someone hacked it and gave him a mustache. It’s pretty funny, but it seems like they hate this guy.

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