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It’s still kind of early in the game, but here are the websites of who is officially running so far. The candidates have to get at least 12,500 signatures by Nov. 22 to be eligible to run. To be safe, they should try to get double that. For unannounced candidates, that number is hard to hit. So this is a list of candidates who have officially announced that they are running AND have an campaign official website. For a complete list of candidates (officially announced and speculative), check out: The list is sure to change as candidates drop out and others jump in, but you can get a feel for the current pool just by poking around a bit.

The Frontrunners

Rahm Emanuel. Former Chief of Staff for Obama. He quit his job to focus on his campaign. If we had to pick just one fruntrunner, it’d be Emanuel. He’s at least got the shiniest name recognition.

Bob Fioretti. Alderman for Chicago’s 2nd Ward.

Tom Dart. Cook County Sheriff. Thanks J Fresco for the update.

Miguel Del Valle. Chicago City Clerk.

Carol Moseley Braun. Former U.S. Senator for Illinois and U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand.

Gery Chico. City Colleges Chairman.

James Meeks. Illinois State Senator.

Luis Gutierrez. Represents Illinois’ “fightin’ fourth” district in the House. Gutierrez announced on October 14 that he will not run.

Other Candidates

Garrison Medill. Independent political consultant based in Chicago.

Christopher Cooper. Civil Rights Attorney based in Chicago.

Jay Stone. Political activist.

William “Dock” Walls III. Community and political activist.

Frederick K. White.



  1. Tom Dart announced today that he will not be running for mayor.
    “I have found it impossible for it to be compatible between running for mayor and being a father and husband,” Dart said at a Wednesday news conference, according to the Chicago Tribune.”

  2. Wait! you forgot to mention Garrison A Medill. He’s in the running, too, and I hear he’s a huge supporter of future technologies. Vote for GAMedill!!

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